Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spiritual Simplicity: A Book Review

This past Friday, I finished a preview copy of Chip Ingram's new book, "Spiritual Simplicity" which released on January 8th.

My first reaction while reading:

"Where was this book last year when I needed to hear these words?" 

Then slowly and lovingly God revealed to me, a year ago, I would not have received the words and wisdom written by Ingram in his latest offering. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have finished the book. Ingram is raw, real and relational as he writes about our attempts to:

~Be it all
~ Do it all
~ Have it all

and how this as Ingram states, "..has created a complex world that"

~ Moves too fast
~ Delivers too little
~ Demands too much

Ingram's words stung for this blogger, as he explained, we may not say these words out loud or even consciously try to live these "all's" but we are doing exactly that..."trying to live the all's" to the fullest.

Why did his words sting?
 Because this blogger was there. I was one of the busiest people for God out there. Deaconess, Sunday School teacher, Media Director, you name it and I was doing it for God. I held a degree in doing more. 

Then came August 2011. When my 'major life event' happened.

Ingram explains, in the book, how it is usually some type of major life event... for me a breakdown (insert your own major life event here) 
which opens our eyes to the fact we are trying to 'be, do, and have it all'. 

Here is the great part...Ingram doesn't leave us there. 
He uses the rest of the book to show us how "loving people" is what matters. 
The main concept of the book is "Love More and Do Less." 

Many of you are thinking right now, "That would be nice but not possible in my life!" 

That is where I was when in the throws of life before August of 2011. 
Then my major life event happened. 
My life changed and is still changing each day as I learn to "Love More"
I have not arrived, but I am learning to "Love More and Do Less." 
Does this new lifestyle of "Loving More and Doing Less" ruffle the feathers of some? 
The people who are still tying to be, do and have it all. For some yes. They feel as if I have given up and am doing nothing for God. This is farthest from the truth.
 God has more of me know then He did 18 months ago. 

Ingram's major life event...when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. 
He shares, "When Theresa was diagnosed it was easy to say, no. No, to the speaking engagements. No, to anything that would take me away from Theresa."

I leave you with these words from "Spiritual Simplicity":

"Whatever you are doing with your time and life, you're wasting it if you're not loving people."

I would give "Spiritual Simplicity" by Chip Ingram 5 out of 5 stars.

**The publisher provided a preview copy of the book in return for an unbiased review of the book**

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