Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cold-Case Christianity: A Book Review...

If you like crime shows, such as "Law & Order" or "Cold Case", then J. Warner Wallace's, "Cold-Case Christianity" should be a definite addition to your reading list.  Wallace's experience in the law enforcement field with decades in cold cases is woven through-out the book. 

He starts each chapter off with a case from his files. As he teaches you a specific aspect from the "Tools for The Call Out Bag" within his case file; we are then shown how this tip can be applied to the Scriptures. 

Wallace, a former atheist, turned to his investigative and cold case specialty to look at Scripture from  a purely cold-case perspective to see if how the Scriptures would hold up in a court case. 

The majority of the terminology and lingo is used in a way to draw the reader into the process. Some may find the topic not to their liking, but Wallace's book would be a good read for anyone who is put in a position to defend the Scriptures. 

Disclaimer: A FREE Preview copy of this book was provided by David C. Book in return for a review to be written. However, all reviews written are not influenced by the publishing company. 

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