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Resolution for Accountability: Michelle Lazurek

Today's post is from a She Speaks Sister, Michelle Lazurek. 
Michelle challenges women to live out their stories. 
I am blessed to have her guest post on Dawn's Dialogue. 
Visit her website from the information at the end of the post. 

A Resolution for Accountability

As we celebrate the New Year, we always think about resolutions. Normally those resolutions revolve around losing something: losing weight, quitting a bad habit, etc.  Sometimes it involves starting something new: exercising more, drinking more water, cleaning up your credit card debt. We do these individually, expecting that we will meet our personal goals by ourselves. 
But how successful is that?

Do you know which weight loss program is by far the most successful? Weight Watchers. Why? It is not the food, or counting points, but it is the meetings. The meetings give members the ability to achieve their goals through the accountability factor. Once a week, each member steps on the scale and weighs in publicly. No opportunity to make excuses, fudge numbers or slip out the door.  We can say we have worked hard to lose weight, but the number on the scale tells the true story. 

If accountability is so successful in other aspects of life, why don’t we utilize it in our church lives? As Christians, we do things individually. We think spiritual growth is achieved alone. Yet, statistically, members lose more weight attending the weekly meetings than they do at home. In order to grow in Christ, we need to bear each other’s burdens.

So, how do we achieve accountability within the church body?

Attend small groups- Small groups help people share their burdens, display spiritual gifts and achieve relational intimacy necessary for a vibrant walk with God. Meeting weekly establishes trust among members and makes it easier to share struggles and personal prayer requests.

Be hospitable- Jesus spent a portion of his ministry eating at others’ homes. So should we. Hospitality helps acquaintances become friends. 
It breaks down walls and lets people experience the joy of fellowship.

Find a prayer partner- If larger groups make you feel uncomfortable, find one person to pray with you each week.  It does not have to take a lot of time to pray with someone. You may find someone else has similar struggles.

As we approach the New Year ahead, make a resolution to become accountable with someone in your church body today.

Michelle S. Lazurek is a pastor's wife, a mother, an author, and a speaker. She has been published in numerous publications, including, and Please visit her website at

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