Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finding God in the Dark: A Book Review...

"Whatever end of the receiving line of all stems from a fundamental disbelief that God is as good as He says He is. We can affirm it in our minds and say it with our mouths, 
but until it penetrates our hearts it will never transform our lives."
---Ronnie Martin, "Finding God in the Dark"

Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin tackle a subject people dislike in their new book, "Finding God in the Dark"... that God allows us to have doubt and suffering in our lives. 

Kluck reminds us, "God's actions are never arbitrary" and "God takes drastic measure for us to have hearts that are transformed by His severe mercy and sovereign grace." This is not a popular message. We don't want to acknowledge God's mercy can be severe.

We want to be blessed. 
We want a gentle loving God and yes, God is gentle and loving. 


Kluck and Martin in their own style expound throughout this offering, God's plan for His children is so much more. He wants His children to live transformed lives. When doubt and suffering come along, do we see it as an opportunity for transformation or a time for preservation?

Speaking of writing style, not everyone will enjoy it. 

Originally when reading, I kept trying to figure out why the writing voice and style seemed to change with each chapter. This mystery cleared when I realized the book had two authors. How could such a misunderstanding happen? One word...ebook preview. 

While reading, the "highlight" option on my ereader device was put into use roughly 15 times. It is apparent God wants book reviewing to be a part of my journey. Therefore, since not all writing styles and voices are my favorite, the "highlight" feature becomes valuable. 

Because, the readers of the review want more than if I liked the book. At least this blogger wants to know more than whether the reviewer likes a book. We may not have the same taste in writing. You might like dark mysteries. I don't. 

Now, for those of you still reading...LOL, you understand why the "highlight" feature is valuable.

Here is a brief summary:

 ~Some will be angered and turned off by the subject matter
~ Others will not like the writing style
~ If you review a book...don't just tell me you liked it :-)
~The authors have done a good job with a subject people normally deny

My Rambling is done.
Go and check out "Finding in the Dark" and decide if you agree with my summary.

**The book's publisher provided a preview copy of the book in return for an unbiased review of the book**

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