Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Floundering or Fulfilled....

Is it possible to be both floundering and fulfilled at the same time? 

This the question, I have been wrestling with personally. My conclusion is yes it all depends on whose eyes we are looking through. When my Mom, one of my biggest cheerleader's looks at my life, she sees things I don't.  She sees a successful blogger, writer and photographer who has it all together (don't burst her bubble and tell her differently....lol) 

What about when we look through the eyes of a child? 

Boo capturing her "flags"...

Do we see the wonder of a leaf and the delight in chasing it across a tennis court? The fun in being outside partaking in God's playground for us? Unfortunately, our answer on most days is "No" because....(fill in the blank).

What about when we look through our "fleshly" eyes? When we lean on our own understanding.

"Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" Proverbs 3:5

When I look through my "fleshly" eyes. I see:

  • An unfinished book
  • Being overwhelmed by my critique group's suggestion for the parts of my book
  • No prospects of any one being interested in publishing said unfinished book
  • A blog that only a couple of people read
  • A love for photography and a new business venture being stagnant
  • My parent's not being back in their own home yet
  • A house in another state with major decisions still needing to be made
  • No church home after 18 months in a new state
  • Battling health issues since August 2011

Does any of those sound familiar to you?

As I have read fellow bloggers recent post, it is clear my struggle with blogging and whether Dawn's Dialogue is reaching anyone or making a difference is not just how I feel? 

HOWEVER, when I look through God's eyes the view becomes:

  • He is making my unfinished work in progress His work not mine
  • A blog being written for Him...as Kelli Wommack says, "Writing for an Audience of One"
  • God's timing in the business venture...HIS TIMING IS BEST
  • My parent's being grateful for each day they have a temporary roof over their head
  • Trusting God for the decisions on home in another state
  • Relying on God to provide a church home for us...in the meantime, providing a great group of loving Christian Sisters in my life through various online sources
  • Learning God is control of all aspects of my life even health isssues
Whether my life is Floundering or Fulfilled depends on whose eyes I am looking through? Maybe I need to become more diligent (remember this is My One Word for 2013) in seeing my world through God's eyes and less through my "fleshly" eyes? 

Whose eyes are you seeing through today?


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