Thursday, March 21, 2013

Live All Out...A Guest Post

Today's Guest Post is from Jamy Whitaker.

I have participated in two online Bible Studies with Jamy. She is a kind and compassionate woman with a heart for God. She is also the author of "Get Real"which deals with removing the masks we wear and living a real life with and for God. 

Live All Out

I absolutely love roller coasters, from the methodical click-clack up the first hill to the invigorating twists, tunnels and turns. I simply cannot get enough - the faster and higher, the better.  However, even I have limitations on what I will ride.  Some roller coasters, like the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, are just too much for me.  At amusement parks, we have the choice of which rides we will go on and which we will pass on by.  Life, however, does not offer the same kind of choices.  Many times, we are on the ups and downs, twists and turns of life’s roller coaster and cannot get off.  What about you: do you see life like a thrill ride or more like a merry-go-round?  Do you play it safe or take risks?

I truly hope that you are not one of the people that live in the Land of Someday: a person who keeps putting everything off until the timing, finances, etc. are perfect.  Well, let me let you in on a little secret, it will never be perfect this side of heaven.  You have to pack your bags or move out of Someday and live in Today.  This is your life and it is happening now.  We must keep in mind that God did not create us simply to stand by and watch life pass us by, as we wonder why we aren’t fulfilled.  God made each one of us to take risks in faith and to conquer the giants that so often paralyze us with fear.  What are the giants in your life that you need to step out in faith and go against? 

David did this very thing in a literal way when he faced Goliath.  Compared to God, David’s giant, just like the one in your life, will seem so much smaller.  Think about your life for a moment, what are you doing right now that requires faith?  If there isn’t anything, then why not?  Are you living your life with God’s perspective or your own?  God has so many wonderful things in store for each one of us.  However, in order to reach many of those things, we have to sit back and let Him lead. 

I don’t think anyone would argue that our most precious commodity is time.  God has given us the choice to decide how we will spend it.  We need to evaluate our lives and make certain we are using our time wisely.  We need to keep in mind that tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow.  What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes” (James 4:14).  Don’t waste another moment.

What ever twists and turns your ride may take, God is right there next to you through it all.  Today, I would like to encourage you to take a risk and let God lead your life instead of fear. Live passionately and love completely – reconnecting with those around us so we do not miss the important things in life.

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