Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's In A Name...

Photo Credit: Jeff Lowe Flickr

While working on a post for my photography blog and explaining the reason behind the name of our business, one question kept crossing my mind...

"What's in a Name?" 

New parents spend weeks and months deciding on a name for their new little one
Girls of all ages spend hours determining what the names of their future children will be

However, do we truly understand what's in a name? 
Sure there are cutesy name books and online ways to find out the meaning of one's name. initial question got deeper while reading a book for review.

Do I comprehend my name, 
Child of the King?

Photo Credit: Darrell Creswell

We spend our days living as paupers instead of as daughters and sons of the Most High God. 
This is not easy for me to type but it is the truth. Why do I accept less than when my Abba Daddy has so much more for me? The truth: Because deep down there is still a part of me which believes I don't deserve to be a princess. It is hard to admit after all these years this is still a struggle for me. One would think why keep coming back here. This struggle should have victory written all over it. Yet, it doesn't and as I ponder why, victory is not here because I don't fully understand what is in my name? 

My Father God loves me more than any other being ever could or will. 
We tend to think of Him in terms of conditional love when He gives us unconditional love. 

I am reading a book that talks about the fact we tend to rarely call God "Father" even though this is how Jesus spent the majority of His time describing God. There are tons of reasons we don't refer to God as "Father", "Abba" or "Daddy"...what I am seeing is until I come to terms with the truth of my name...victory will continue to be elusive. 

God wants me and you to start walking in the calling of our name.
The one He has given to each of us:

May we cry out so all will hear...
My Daddy calls me Princess.

Photo Credit: Dew Photography VA
Let's start today by going on a walk and begin living what's in a name.

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