Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Chance: A Book Review

Karen Kingsbury's latest book, "The Chance" recently released. 
This latest stand alone of Kingsbury   will meet her fans expectation. 

The story revolves around, Ellie and Nolan. Ellie and Nolan have been best friends since childhood . Then when unexpected circumstances separate them as teenagers, Ellie and Nolan concoct an idea. They will write letters to each other and bury them under their favorite meeting spot. The two friends promise each other to meet in eleven years to dig up the box with the letters. 
However, life has changed them both in the last eleven years? Will this be their last chance? 

Kingsbury keeps the reader enveloped in the story until the end. Kingsbury has a true gift for fiction.

**The book's publisher provided a preview copy of the book in return for an unbiased review of the book**

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